About Our Termite Extermination Service and More!

SK Exterminating Inc is a seasoned choice for many home and business owners in Brooklyn, NY. We’ve been exterminating pests since 1998, and have continuously strived to continue our mission of ensuring that every homeowner or business is free from these unwanted guests. Our pest control team is natural when it comes to cockroach, spider, termite extermination, and other pests whose goal is to thrive within your territory by digging holes or creating the messy environment they’re used to.

Termite Extermination

Termite Extermination

We’re Experienced Exterminators

In terms of pest control, we know the tools, the equipment, the products, and the process to properly remove them or eradicate their existence in your space. We know how irritating it can be to see many of these small creatures crawling within one’s home. And that’s why if their presence is seen within your space, they are certainly bound to become a┬áproblem for you. And if you’re the type who wouldn’t like seeing them or just don’t like the feeling at all of touching them to just get them out, then call us.

Our expert will perform our termite extermination or other termination service in your space in Brooklyn, NY to ensure your area becomes a safe space for your family. SK Exterminating Inc is always ready to handle whatever pest issue you may have with our knowledge and tools. Call us now at (917) 914-7047 to get started.

Services List

  • Property Management Service
  • Restaurant Pest Control Service
  • Termite Extermination Service
  • Mice and Rat Removal Service
  • Pest Control Service
  • Spider Control Service
  • Bed Bugs Service
  • Cockroach Extermination Service
  • Disinfecting Services
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